Use bar grating in your industrial building or warehouse to create a safe, non-slip environment.  We carry bar grating in the following 手机博彩types:

Hot Rolled

Hot Rolled

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Bar Grating Defined

Commonly utilized for pedestrian or car traffic, bar grating is a diverse and useful product. It’s the perfect 手机博彩product to create a non-slip surface, allowing liquids to pass through 手机博彩下载ease. This makes it particularly popular for industrial businesses or warehouses that often involve water or chemicals. Bar grating is frequently used to manufacture industrial platforms, walkways, conveyor guards, cat walks, and trench covers. It’s available in square or rectangle shapes and can be cut to certain specifications to fit a customer’s needs. We offer hot rolled bar grating -- galvanized, painted, and not painted.

Bar Grating Metal Types

Hot Rolled

Hot rolled steel is created by rolling steel at a high temperature that lends it to being easily shaped and formed. The mills that produce hot rolled are very efficient, consistently flattening the product into large rolls, which leads to lower costs for O’Neal 手机博彩app customers. Hot rolled steel is typically used in situations where precise shapes or tolerances are not required. It’s commonly utilized by the farming, construction, automotive, and mining industries. We sell various structural shapes including hot rolled steel bars.

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